Supply Chain Schools: Florida

Aug 26, 2022 | Universities

The Southeast has quickly become one of the largest concentrated regions of freight and logistics hubs in the United States. With so many new opportunities, secondary schools have adapted their courses to fast-track students into successful supply chain management careers. Here are some of the top supply chain schools in Florida.

Northern Florida

Florida State College at Jacksonville

Students in this program will study everything from supply chain control, logistics technologies, and global operations to financial administration, strategic transportation, and regulatory compliance to prepare students for jobs in logistics.

University of West Florida (Pensacola)

Specialized coursework offered in the program lays the foundation for domestic and international planning, management, distribution, and strategy. It allows hands-on experience with potential future employers. 

Candidates for this program include those working in manufacturing, business students, and those seeking to pursue an MBA in the future.  

Discover the tools and concepts needed to make decisions, strategies, and analyses backed by data in the freight industry and beyond. 

University of North Florida (Jacksonville)

Targeted toward professionals with 3-15 years of experience in the industry, this program will give candidates a competitive edge to grow in their careers.

Florida A&M University (Tallahassee)

Gain insight and direction for your future with this four-year program to build foundational skills to become a supply chain professional.

Take your education and career to the next level with this academic program. Learn innovative processes that can translate to solid business decisions and practical applications.

Central Florida

Rasmussen University

From inventory control to supplier relationships and everything in between, this degree prepares students for a long-term future in the supply chain. 

This accelerated program allows students to begin earning their Master’s degrees while working on their undergraduate degrees.

Saint Leo University

Courses in this program explore processes in both civilian and military organizations. Students will examine cargo transportation, electronic order processing, distribution, purchasing, warehousing, and more.

Eastern Florida State College

This broad-range degree lays a strong foundation for a variety of careers in the freight industry.

Southern Florida

Florida Institute of Technology

This program provides training in this emerging industry. Therefore, graduates will be able to effectively plan, communicate, reduce costs, improve processes, manage vendors, control inventory, and manage receiving and delivery for organizations worldwide. 

Broward College-Weston

The Logistics and Transportation Specialist Technical Certificate requires just 18 hours of coursework. However, a higher level of education allows students to prepare for a competitive position in one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. 

Those who complete this program will also have the chance to earn SCPro™ Fundamentals certifications from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) to gain a competitive edge in their career. 

Florida Gulf Coast University

For those seeking a future in operation management, procurement and strategic sourcing, or logistics management, this program will provide critical skills to get their careers off the ground. 

If strategic supply chain integrations, global systems, and sustainable initiatives motivate you, this continued education path is your ticket to an advanced future in the supply chain.

Miami area

Miami Dade College

This program gives an overview of cross-functional relationships and skills within the supply chain and is perfect for those needing a broad view of the logistics industry.

Students in this program will take a deep dive into operational strategies and analytical skills necessary for either a domestic or international career in freight.

Explore the risks, logistics, economics, regulatory issues, resource allocation, and production planning in one of the fastest-growing fields in the country.

Florida International University

This degree prepares students for supervisory and future executive positions within the supply chain. It introduces various software systems and technologies to gather, manage and analyze data.

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