Whether your shipping regionally or or across the country, you’ll want to know where your freight is at any given moment.

That’s why KCH Transportation utilizes advanced transportation and logistics technology to give you real-time freight tracking on your shipment’s location and delivery status. Our integrated intelligence also helps with load matching, and carrier vetting based on robust data that supports our strategic decision-making.

With KCH Transportation, your shipments will always be in trusted hands right from pick-up until it reaches its final destination.

McLeod Trucking Software®

We use McLeod's transportation management system (TMS) to form the backbone of our transportation intelligence system.

TMS brings all of the working parts of your shipping experience together into one seamless whole. We manage everything through one easy-to-use portal that provides complete visibility that helps you optimize spend and improve processes based on data intelligence.

Trucker Tools

Strengthen visibility into the supply chain with real-time freight tracking.

Through the Trucker Tools driver app, we receive location updates on your products every 5 minutes. We also access valuable data such as fuel prices, weigh scales, traffic patterns, weather conditions, fuel prices, and more to optimize pricing and problem solve in real time.


We use FreightFriend to help book your loads with added intelligence and enhanced precision.

The technology behind this software synthesizes multiple sources of data and automatically ranks carrier and load matches. This feature helps us build better relationships with quality carriers to ensure safe, reliable service on your freight.

Project 44

Project 44 uses cloud-based APIs to connect KCH with transportation capacity.

With this software, we can receive instant shipping quotes, automate dispatch requests, receive real-time delivery confirmations, and much more. Carriers connected to this software can provide pricing based on current market conditions, so you’ll always know that you’re getting the best value for your shipping spend.

Industrial port crane lift up loading export containers box onboard from truck at port of Thailand,The port crane type's twinlift is the best solution for port operations.



KCH doesn’t believe in being an “order taker” for your shipping needs. We go above and beyond to ensure your freight is handled safely, reliably, and with the utmost service. Our team offers polite, courteous service with lightning-fast callback times and personalized solutions that always puts you in the driver’s seat.

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