Become a Carrier


No, we are willing to work with new carriers and give them a chance. as long as they meet setup qualifications. (Min. Insuarnce, active authority, etc.)

Yes! There is a 3% fee and it pays in 3-5 business days

Unfortunately, KCH does not offer fuel or payment advances

Standard pay terms are 30 days for check, and 21 days for regular ACH

No, our insurance does not allow us to use carriers with a conditional safety rating

We use online load boards Truckstop and DAT. We also partner with FreightFriend, which is free to carriers. You can see all of our loads there as well

Yes, we do! Check our load board on Freightfriend!

Send all load paperwork to

If you are wanting quickpay, send yourpaperwork to

KCH requires a minimum of $1,000,000 in automobile liability and $100,000 in motortruck cargo.


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