Holiday Season Effects on the Supply Chain

How to Strengthen Your Holiday Supply Chain

The Holiday Supply Chain season has been a notoriously busy and unpredictable part of the calendar for transportation companies. Retailers typically ramp up their orders around this time to meet the demand from shoppers. Carriers are kept extremely busy transporting goods across the country in time for the Holiday rush. On top of the stress caused by the logistics of it all, severe winter weather can also cause major delays. Forward-thinking transportation companies can prepare for the chaos and uncertainty by following these tips.

Stock up on Inventory

Out-of-stock messages have spiked 172% since the start of the 2020, according to a study by Adobe Analytics. Many of us remember the supply chain issues in that year (and the year that followed) that crippled shoppers’ chances of receiving their Holiday gifts in time. 

This year, retailers stocked up early to ensure their shelves were full. However, they may have over-prepared. Many retailers reported an abundance of inventory that forced them to offer more savings and deals in an effort to clear some of their stock. This had an effect on the trucking industry, which usually thrives this time of year. With no new orders being made, there was no need for as many trucks to transport goods. 

Improve Supply Chain Visibility

If the past couple Holiday seasons have taught us anything, it’s that visibility and predictability are crucial to ensuring that your products arrive safely and on time. GPS tracking allows for improved visibility by giving operators a real-time look at their freight from pickup to destination. Supply chain issues can arise at any moment, so it’s important to communicate delays and issues as soon as possible. 

Prepare for Winter Weather

Snowstorms and ice can wreak havoc on transportation during the Holiday season. Blizzards make it impossible to travel in many places. It’s extremely common for truckers driving through the Plains and Midwest to experience damaging, freezing winds. Alert customers of any possible delays if you think that there is a chance for severe weather along the way.

Have a Backup Plan

If you feel stressed and stretched too thin to do your job properly during the Holiday Supply Chain season, then there is a good chance that some carriers and vendors feel that way, too. If you rely on a single carrier to transport your inventory, then it may be wise to consider alternative options in case your first choice cannot handle it alone. Same goes for vendors looking to keep their shelves stocked. It’s a good idea for vendors to consider alternative manufacturers to increased efficiency.

The Holiday season doesn’t have to be a headache. KCH Transportation has the experience and knowledge necessary to offer the best options for your transportation needs. Whether it’s transloading, LTL, or expedited, KCH is ready to help.

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