KCH Transportation’s Dallas, TX Office is Open

KCH Transportation is proud to announce the opening of its sixth office in Dallas, TX! Our Dallas team has been working remotely in Texas since October. Following plans to move into the brick-and-mortar office within Q1 of 2023.

“We are thrilled for the future of our Dallas branch. Our primary focus is to cultivate strong relationships with our customers, many of whom call Texas home. By immersing the KCH brand in the heart of Texas, we’re better able to connect with our valued business partners. Dallas was the clear choice for our sixth office.”

CEO Jason Whitten

Why Dallas?

Texas is one of the most important supply chain hubs in the United States. Not only is it the largest state in the continental U.S., but it also boasts some of the busiest ports in the nation. There are ample opportunities for growth within the Lone Star State. It only makes sense to plant ourselves firmly in the middle of the action in the state capital!

Check out some of these Texas logistics facts:

  • Over $270B in exports in 2020, accounting for 15.7% of the state’s GDP
  • Mexico is Texas’ leading trade partner with about ⅓ of its total exports
  • Texas was America’s leading exporter in 2020 (19% of total U.S. exports)
  • 29 total ports of entry

Other new offices

The Dallas move comes on the heels of the grand opening of our fifth office in Tampa, FL.

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