Hurricane Zeta made landfall on the Yucatán Peninsula north of Tulum, Mexico, as a Category 1 hurricane Monday night. While it has weakened to a tropical storm, Zeta is expected to strengthen back to a category 1 hurricane as it travels across the Gulf of Mexico and hits the U.S. on Wednesday, according to the National Hurricane Center. Preparations are underway all the way from Morgan City, Louisiana to the Mississippi/Alabama state line. As the area braces for tropical storm force winds, heavy rain, and coastal flooding, voluntary evacuations have been issued in and around New Orleans in areas outside of the levee system.

Hurricane Zeta could set records. If the storm maintains hurricane or near hurricane status as it makes landfall in the U.S., it would set a Louisiana record for named storms in one season. Zeta would be the fifth named storm this season, with the previous four being Cristobal, Laura, Marco and Delta. This would put Louisiana in a tie with Florida, as the Sunshine State was hit by 5 named storms in 2005.

As expected, hurricane Zeta will have an impact on the freight market. According to FreightWaves, “Over the past week, outbound tender volumes (OTVIW) have been increasing in several Gulf Coast freight markets in Zeta’s potential impact zone, meaning more freight is becoming available for pickup. These markets include New Orleans; Mobile, Alabama; Tallahassee, Florida; and Jackson, Mississippi.” Over the next few days, carriers will certainly be sending more capacity to the affected areas in order to grab more loads before Zeta makes landfall.

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