Shipping chemicals is an intricate process. The responsible parties will need to know whether or not the product being shipped is hazardous materials (HAZMAT) or not, and, if it is, it will need to be labeled and documented accordingly on the accompanying paperwork.


In addition to the packaging, the transport of these chemicals is equally important. You want to make sure that the pallets, barrels, totes, etc. are loaded correctly on the truck, with the weight distributed properly. And you need a reliable truck, driver, and trailer to get your shipment from point A to point B.


At KCH, transporting chemicals is one of our specialties. We’ve been handling them for years, both on our company-owned trucks and via our partner carriers. We transport chemicals from the Southeast US to the Northeast to the Midwest.


If you have hazardous or non-hazardous product that need to move, we have the experience to get it done right at competitive rates.


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