We believe in investing in each other and our community. Our employee-led outreach program, KCH Cares, organizes donation drives, community events, and more.


Giving back to the communities that support us

Through our outreach program, KCH Cares, we work hard to give back by helping meet the needs of our community, whether it is through donation or volunteering.

Donation Drives

Our outreach program, KCH Cares, works hard to give back by helping meet the needs of our community through donating, volunteering, and more.

Community events

Our teams are passionate about forming relationships within their local communities, and emphatically participate in or sponsor events.


Throughout the year, each of our seven offices volunteers with local organizations by donating talent, time, and resources.

men carrying canned goods for kch cares


2nd Annual KCH Cares Food Drive

KCH Transportation holds a high standard for putting people before everything else. Our goal is to give back to the communities in which we live, work, and play. This is the driving force behind our KCH Cares program and food drive. 


KCH Cares Achievements

We worked hard in 2023 to give back by helping meet the needs of our community through donation drives. We look forward to continuing to give back, even more, every year.

Over 18 volunteer and donation events

In 2023, we participated in over 18 volunteer events and donation drives, ranging from preparing meals, sorting donations, to helping animal shelters.

Over 7,000 food items donated

Through our annual KCH Cares Week, all offices donated to regional food pantries and charities to support their local communities.

Helping over 14 community partners

Our offices partnered with over 14 different local organizations and charities to make the most impact in our communities.

Outreach Partners


Event highlights

Check out some the great work we have been able to do through KCH Cares.


Get involved in KCH Cares

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