Supply Chain Schools: Colorado

Jan 27, 2023 | Universities

As the transportation industry continues to grow, schools are continuing to support growth. This is by offering more for upcoming supply chain professionals. Our team has been examining programs across the country. Next on our stop was Colorado, check out the supply chain schools and what they offer below.

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University of Denver

Executive MS of science in Transportation Mgmt.:

In this executive program, students develop transportation management skills. This is by delivering immediate value through solutions presented within their real-world projects.

Master of Science, Transportation Management | Denver Transportation Institute (

MS of Science in Supply Chain Mgmt.:

This supply chain school allows the student to learn about the 6 fundamental pillars. Including design, procurement, planning, manufacturing, logistics, and sustainability of supply chain management.

Master of Science, Supply Chain Management | Denver Transportation Institute (

BS in Transportation and Supply Chain:

This program ranks in the top 100 in the US. It is about learning through operations planning, international trade, and more.

Bachelor’s Completion Program Application Process | Transportation & Supply Chain Institute (

Certificate in Supply Chain:

Completely online, these 4 or 6-course graduate certifications can help with a flexible schedule. The student can learn by embodying the elements of the supply chain management foundation.

Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate | Denver Transportation Institute

University of Colorado Boulder

• MS in Supply Chain Mgmt.:

This program equips students to learn supply chain management. Focusing on the global economy, as well as hands-on experience in the field.

Masters in Supply Chain Management | Leeds School of Business | University of Colorado Boulder

Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Analytics:

This certification is only four courses long. It aims to help the student specialize in the fundamentals of supply chain data.

Graduate Certificates | Leeds School of Business | University of Colorado Boulder

• Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Foundations:

This certification is also only four courses long. It aims to help the student specialize in supply chain management.

Graduate Certificates | Leeds School of Business | University of Colorado Boulder

Colorado Technical University (online)

MS Operations Supply Chain Mgmt.:

This course offers insight into design and warehousing. It aims to provide skillsets for growth in the supply chain. To add, it’s completed within a year.

Online Supply Chain Management Masters Degree Program | CTU (

MS Logistics Mgmt.:

This program, like the above, can be done within a year as well. It is designed to help expand knowledge of transportation, procurement, and more.

Online Masters in Logistics Management Degree Program – MBA | CTU (

BSBA Logistics and Supply Chain concentration:

Known as one of the best online bachelor programs in the USA. The program aims to add valuable insights into supplier management. As well as distribution management.

Online Logistics Management Degree | ACBSP Accredited | CTU (

Colorado State University

BSBA Supply Chain Mgmt. concentration:

Students are able to learn business management skills with this degree. This will include a concentration in supply chain management. This program leads individuals to develop skills that allow them to connect people with goods & services.

Supply Chain Management- Business Undergraduate Program (

Front Range Community College

AAS Business Logistics:

This degree allows students to get a feel of the business side of logistics. As well as concentrating on cores of logistics such as distribution and transportation.

AA & AAS Business & Logistics Degree Options | FRCC (

Certificate in Logistics:

This certificate grants a quicker look into the basics of logistics. If you would like to finish your courses fast, this would be a great program for you.

Certificates in Logistics & Logistics Degree Options | FRCC (

Community College of Denver

Certificate in Supply Chain Mgmt.:

This certificate dives into the cores of supply chain management. It gives students a deeper understanding of the global supply chain. As well as get basic skills within related business enterprises.

Business Administration < Community College of Denver (