FreightTech Every 3PL Needs

Jul 27, 2022 | Industry News

The sheer volume of 3PL technology options for freight brokers can be overwhelming. As new freight technology emerges almost daily, the once archaic practices in the supply chain continue to change into a mainly digital industry. 

Article Overview

Experts are tasked with finding and implementing the leading freight tech into their business models to streamline services, such as pricing, shipping, and fulfillment, and enhance the customer experience. 

Choosing the right 3PL Technology can provide:

  1. Shipment visibility
  2. Cost per shipment analysis
  3. Freight and load matching
  4. Reduce errors 
  5. Complete order fulfillment
  6. Better decision making
Top 3PL technology systems

3PL Warehouse Manager

Thanks to the team at 3PL Central, third-party logistics professionals can easily blend with their customers’ systems to refine workflows and manage inventory. QuickBooks integrations make billing simple, EDI integrations make paperwork less tedious, and SmartPack confirms orders in real time. 

DAT Loadboard

DAT’s predictive freight rate models let you bid confidently with the routing guide, analyze and streamline your operations with their powerful transportation management system (TMS) and discover the latest in the industry with deep market knowledge. 


This robust freight-matching CMS offers carrier ranking, load matching, and new carrier sourcing. Move more freight confidently as data from multiple sources is joined into one 3PL technology platform. Bonus FrieghtFriend easily integrates with McLeod Trucking Software! 

FreightWaves TRAC

Data optimization reaches new heights with a deep understanding of the entire supply chain. Discover spot rates based on tender rejections and volumes in almost every lane across the U.S.

Additional 3PL Technology


Revenova is a comprehensive Transportation Management System (TMS) software that streamlines and optimizes various aspects of logistics and supply chain operations. Designed to enhance efficiency and visibility, Revenova offers tools for managing the end-to-end transportation process, from order creation to delivery. 


One of the most powerful systems on the market, this program lets you focus on what matters most. Gone are the days of worrying over disrupted workflows. Parade integrates with TMS and freight technology software systems to streamline processes and automate your workflow.


This cohesive, cloud-based API provides advanced clarity into the supply chain with real-time delivery confirmations, automated carrier dispatching, and updated pricing based on market conditions. 


Speaking of integrated software, Stord provides warehousing, fulfillment, and freight for both B2B and B2C companies. Gain a dynamic edge with digital and physical resources for your supply chain using this top-notch 3PL technology. 

Text Locate

Communication with your drivers is safe and handy with Text Locate. The company offers a proprietary workflow to receive one-time location updates by using a driver’s information without bothering them while they’re on the road.

Trucker Tools

Supply chain clarity has never been easier to achieve. This driver app provides location updates, weather conditions, fuel prices, traffic patterns, and more, letting you set realistic and attainable expectations for every parcel of freight. 


Weather can impact and disrupt the supply chain on a large scale and in erratic ways. The WeatherOptics system offers more than just weather. It includes wisdom about factors such as vehicle speed, tree height, and density to distance from a river.

How KCH, a leading 3PL, can help

KCH uses advanced 3PL technology to give our partners real-time freight tracking on a shipment’s location and delivery status. Our integrated intelligence also helps with load matching and carrier vetting based on robust data that supports our critical decision-making.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg for 3PL technology. Take the time to audit your technology and make it as effective as possible to find the perfect fit for your business. This will help lay a solid foundation for your strategy.