Supply Chain Schools: Arkansas

Jun 28, 2023 | Universities

Professionals in the logistics industry play a crucial role in managing supply chain operations and developing efficient processes to help organizations achieve their objectives. Given the growing need for supply chain professionals, many schools offer courses and degrees to individuals interested in the industry. Take a look at what Supply Chain Schools in Arkansas have to offer: 

University of Arkansas 

Ph.D. in Supply Chain Management 
  • The Ph.D. program at the University of Arkansas helps students learn a lot about supply chain management. They gain knowledge in both theory and practice, and they also develop research skills that can be used in different businesses. The supply chain schools in Arkansas are known for their high standards and aim to prepare students for successful careers in teaching and researching at universities. They want to help students become leaders in the field and make important contributions. 

Masters Degree in Supply Chain Management

  • The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management provides specialized training for individuals in supply chain management. This degree prepares students for leadership roles in sourcing, planning, logistics, and new product information.  

Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain
  • This degree teaches supply chain management fundamentals, focusing on holistic and integrated practices. Courses provide students with a comprehensive cross-functional view of supply chain management. Department of Supply Chain Management

Arkansas Tech University 

Associate Degree in Logistics Management 
  • The Logistics Management program focuses on the planning, implementation, and movement of goods and services. Courses at ATU provide a fundamental understanding of logistics software and applications used to enhance warehouse layouts.

University of Central Arkansas 

Bachelor of Business Administration | Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Students pursuing a major in logistics and supply chain management at UCA obtain transferable skills that apply to any industry. The coursework covers areas such as management, operations, and strategic planning. 

Logistics and Supply Chain Management (BBA) — Marketing and Management ( 

Arkansas State University 

Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Supply Chain Management
  • This degree is ideal for professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge of supply chain management and continue to adapt to the industry. Courses are 100% online and can be finished within 12 months or less. 

Global Supply Chain Management (

Bachelor of Science | Global Supply Chain Management 
  • The major provides skills to plan and implement supply chain strategies domestically and internationally successfully. This degree focuses on logistics, e-commerce, purchasing, manufacturing, and international business. 

MBA Supply Chain Management Online at A-State (

Southern Arkansas University Tech

Supply Chain Management A.A.S. 
  • SAU Tech’s Supply Chain Management program prepares individuals to manage and coordinate logistic functions. The program includes courses in inventory control, storage and handling, manufacturing, and more. 

Southern Arkansas University Tech – Supply Chain Management Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree Requirements (

Southern Arkansas University 

MBA with Supply Chain Management Concentration

  • The MBA program offered by SAU provides graduates with skills to assist in organizational efforts in supply chain management strategies. The courses cover topics such as supply chain strategies, resource planning, and RFID technology applications. 

MBA with Supply Chain Management Emphasis

BBA Business Administration | Supply Chain Logistics
  • At SAU, students get to explore various subjects like supply chain management, enterprise information systems using SAP, business analytics, project management, and environmentally friendly practices. Moreover, they will also learn about supply chain management strategies to enhance their understanding of this field.

Supply Chain Management | Rankin College of Business | Southern Arkansas University ( 

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