Supply Chain Schools: Illinois

As the transportation industry continues to grow, schools are evolving to meet the demand of upcoming professionals entering the supply chain. With more dynamic content being taught each year, and courses being added every semester, our team is examining programs across the country. Take a look at the variety of supply chain management courses in Illinois.

Not in Illinois? Check out some locations in Michigan.

University of Illinois
B.S. in Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management student studies the flow of finances, information, and materials. Additionally, these studies start from supply chain planning to the sourcing of raw materials, parts, and components through the manufacturing or processing sector to the marketing and delivery of end products for industrial customers or individual consumers.

Loyola University Chicago
B.B.A in Supply Chain Management

Achieve a sustainable competitive advantage for your organization by learning how to manage its supply chains. As a result, effective supply chain management helps provide quality products, outstanding customer service, and effective cost control.

University of St. Francis
B.B.A in Supply Chain Management

USF’s Supply Chain Management degree prepares you to solve problems and meet organizational goals in settings including business logistics, distribution, supply chain management, as well as domestic and international transportation management.

Western Illinois University
B.B.A. in Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) program integrates corporate best practices and also hands-on experience to build relevant industry skills.

Oakton Community College
A.A.S. in Supply Chain Automation

The Supply Chain Automation degree is designed to prepare students for inspiring careers in industrial automation. The program teaches a comprehensive set of skills including electronics, mechanical systems, welding, fluid power, industrial robotics, and programmable controllers.

Elmhurst University
B.B.A. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

In the major in logistics and supply chain management, you’ll study distribution, material purchasing, warehousing, and additionally, production operations.

Waubonsee Community College
Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution Certification

The Certified in Logistics and Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) certification prepares you to manage logistics operations. Additionally, they include topics like inbound materials management to reverse logistics. Furthermore, learning the CLTD designation will advance your ability to lead in this sector through best practices and the most up-to-date strategies and trends. 

Illinois Central College
A.A.S. in Supply Chain Management 

This program prepares students for employment in managerial positions in the supply chain, as well as transportation, and logistics industries. Students will learn about the efficient movement of products, problem-solving, and quality improvement. 

Morton College
Supply Chain Management Certificate 

This new certificate provides students with specific instruction in Supply Chain Management. Each course is designed around a body of knowledge in supply chain concepts as well as strategies. Additionally, more courses include demand management, inter-firm product design, materials and supply management, logistics, relationship management, value analysis, and quality management. 

Kankakee Community College
Supply Chain Management Certification 

It is possible for a student to take a small grouping of courses, when taken as a unit, satisfy requirements for a particular position within the supply chain management field. 

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