Supply Chain Schools: South Carolina

Feb 3, 2023 | Universities

As the transportation industry continues to grow, schools are offering more than ever. They have to keep up with the demand for future supply chain professionals. As we continue looking at different supply chain schools, we’d like you to check out what South Carolina has to offer:

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University of South Carolina

BSBA w/ Operations and Supply Chain concentration:

Clemson University

BSBA emphasis in Supply Chain Management:

Newberry College

BSBA w/ Supply Chain Management concentration:

The Citadel | The Military College of South Carolina

BSBA Supply Chain Management:

  • The goal is to emphasize elements of the supply chain industry from beginning to end. Additionally, adding opportunities to experience the field outside of the classroom. Examples include extracurricular activities and in-field trials. Supply Chain Management (

Coastal Carolina University

BSBA w/ Operations and Supply Chain Management concentration:

College of Charleston | South Carolina

BS Supply Chain Management:

Trident Technical College

AAS Supply Chain Management:


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