KCH Transportation + Revenova Integration

Jul 13, 2023 | KCH News

KCH Transportation is excited to announce the partnership with Revenova, a Salesforce-powered Transportation Management System! Our team has put in many hours of time and dedication to ensure a seamless operation during the KCH Transportation + Revenova Integration. 

Article Overview

Choosing the right TMS system for our company was crucial for our operations. With different types of TMS available, we carefully evaluated our current system and created a strategy to level up our technology stack. Strategic planning and understanding our requirements helped us determine our focal points and what options best fit our company. 

Read more about our process for finding the perfect TMS match for our company.  

Different Types of TMS

In today’s market, there are different types of TMS platforms. Each one is made to meet specific business needs and has unique features. Transportation management systems are designed to make shipping easier, make customers happy, and reduce work.

They also help businesses see what’s happening with their shipments. Different industries and business models need different things, so it’s important for businesses to choose the right system. They should talk to their sales, IT, operations, and analysts to find the best TMS for them. That way, they can get the most out of the new and helpful solutions.

Here are some systems that may align with your business:

  1. On-Premise

On-premise TMS offers high customization and control over the transportation process. It’s installed and maintained on the company’s servers, which could benefit companies that handle confidential information. 

With on-premise TMS, companies have complete ownership and control over their data, which allows them to integrate the system with existing IT infrastructure.

  1. Cloud-Based 

Cloud-based systems are hosted on a remote or cloud server and accessed through a web browser. The system offers a range of benefits to optimize transportation operations, such as the ability to access information anywhere, making it easy for companies in multiple locations to conduct real-time collaboration. 

Cloud-based solutions can be offered on a subscription basis, which allows businesses to pay for the features and services they need. Companies with high-volume orders or maintaining regulatory requirements can benefit from integrating a cloud-based system.

  1. Modular 

Modular TMS are software solutions that offer a modular and flexible solution for a customizable approach. This system allows businesses to choose and integrate specific functionalities instead of implementing a full-suite TMS. 

Businesses can choose specific modules that cater to their needs. A company could implement modules for carrier management, route optimization, or freight audit and payment. 

How to Choose a TMS Provider

Selecting an appropriate transportation management system is a crucial determination that can significantly affect a company’s operations. The market offers numerous potential alternatives that can be overwhelming for businesses to evaluate. However, considering the organization’s necessities and each system’s integration capabilities, it is possible to narrow down the options and identify the most compatible fit for the company. 

Why KCH Transportation Chose Revenova 

Revenova was selected as our new TMS due to the platform’s wide range of custom configurations. 

We have the ability to create many workflow efficiencies with other integrations, allowing us to position ourselves for future growth and scalability while staying at the forefront of technology within the supply chain. 

  • Consider The Needs of the Company

Take the time to assess the needs of the company and evaluate your current process. Finding gaps and improving efficiency can help the company determine what they seek.

Assessing the company’s operational needs, identifying specific functions they require in a TMS, and anticipating future needs and growth plans can help make informed decisions. By understanding requirements, businesses can focus on improvement where it’s needed and address needs effectively. 

  • Integration capabilities 

Considering integration capabilities when choosing a TMS is essential for gaining visibility and improving efficiency.

Smooth integrations with warehouse management systems or enterprise resource planning software can ensure smooth data flow between different operations and eliminate the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and improving efficiency. 

How Revenova Benefits KCH Transportation

Revenova provides KCH with the ability to create tailored and custom solutions for our customers based on the various industries we serve. We quickly pivot and adapt to a broader range of customer needs with greater agility and flexibility when addressing specific solutions to provide more transparency and efficiencies throughout the life cycle of our customer’s freight. 

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