Critical Delivery for Privately Owned Packaging Company

The deployment of a 24/7 operations team helped this private packaging company launch a rescue event less than 30 minutes after an urgent request.
July 19, 2022

Client Profile

This private packaging company has been a nationwide manufacturer and supplier of plastic containers and packaging since 1949. They offer a wide variety of options with extensive experience in the industry to provide standard or fully custom packaging for every need.

Client Need

Late afternoon on Friday, November 19th, this company came to KCH with a last-minute request for the critical weekend, power-only capacity. Adding another layer of complexity, each load had a strict individual delivery window, and missed deliveries could result in plant shutdowns. This created the need for 20+ power-only units in addition to the average weekend volume.


Instead of calling the customer and awaiting action on their part, our driver called us. When a KCH Operations Manager was made aware of the lack of a forklift at the delivery location, he immediately set about solving the problem to get the load off the truck and keep our customer’s operations running smoothly.

We picked up the phone and called equipment rental services in the area that offer rental forklifts. It only took a few calls to find a rental agency that had a forklift available right away. We arranged for it to be delivered on a rollback trailer to the customer’s facility at once.

“He [sic] made the right call by solving the problem right away. We know that not acting proactively can be costly for the customer, and our actions are always guided by what best serves the customer’s needs. In this case, taking action to get the load off the truck as quickly as possible did just that.” – JASON WHITTEN, PRESIDENT, KCH TRANSPORTATION


Upon arrival, the forklift was immediately used to promptly unload the cargo from the trailer, minimizing the delay. When our customer was apprised of the situation, they were impressed that we took immediate action to solve the problem proactively.

Thanks to our team, the situation turned into a positive experience that strengthened KCH Transportation’s relationship with the customer. It also reinforced the fact that we are a partner who is as invested in the success of the transport process as they are.

Today, we’re the customer’s most trusted transportation broker, once again proving that we don’t just talk about white-glove service – we exemplify it.

“We take solving problems seriously, especially when the customer benefits from our team’s creative thinking. That’s why when our customers need a complete solution that covers all the bases, they call KCH Transportation.”– JASON WHITTEN, PRESIDENT, KCH TRANSPORTATION