Critical Delivery for Privately Owned Packaging Company

The deployment of a 24/7 operations team helped this private packaging company launch a rescue event less than 30 minutes after an urgent request.
July 19, 2022

Client Profile

This private packaging company has been a nationwide manufacturer and supplier of plastic containers and packaging since 1949. They offer a wide variety of options with extensive experience in the industry to provide standard or fully custom packaging for every need.

Client Need

Late afternoon on Friday, November 19th, this company came to KCH with a last-minute request for the critical weekend, power-only capacity. Adding another layer of complexity, each load had a strict individual delivery window, and missed deliveries could result in plant shutdowns. This created the need for 20+ power-only units in addition to the average weekend volume.


The deployment of a 24/7 operations team dedicated to servicing the manufacturer and this rescue event launched less than 30 minutes after the initial request. KCH’s integrated network of 40,000 strategic carrier partners allowed us to secure power-only capacity with complete coverage, utilizing carriers familiar with the manufacturers operations. 

Their strict expectations were met through Straight Through Processing (STP) of the logistics and transport functions, data, and documents. Meticulous tracking and tracing procedures were established to ensure on-time deliveries, prevent plant shutdowns, and maximize trailer pool efficiency.


The team successfully delivered each rescue load on time with no failures and no lapse in service on regular movements and stayed within the compliance needs of CKS operational procedures. 

Outcomes included:

  • Defect-free, operationally excellent 4PL management services leveraging no-touch shipment processing and technology enablement
  • Enablement of effective, single-source, manufacturers operations decision-making and visibility capability
  • Rapid procurement of reliable, weekend power-only capacity 
  • Comprehensive visibility of each movement and corresponding documentation