Supply Chain Schools: Alabama

May 15, 2023 | Universities

As the transportation industry grows, supply chain and logistics management school programs are evolving. With more dynamic content expanding to further knowledge within the industry, our team is examining programs across the country to inform future supply chain professionals. This time we’re traveling to supply chain schools in Alabama to look at the programs they offer.  

Not in Alabama? Check out some schools we recommend in South Carolina.

University of Alabama

BS in Operations Management:

  • The program focuses on managing resources and activities that produce goods and services. The program offers production planning, inventory management, manufacturing, supply chain management, and more. Students will learn to design and manage business processes and activities.
    Operations Management | University of Alabama (

Auburn University

Master of Science in Supply Chain Management:

  • This program is designed to further your knowledge about supply chain management and make you a worthy competitor. Gain an understanding of supply chain management concepts, quantitative tools, and analytical skills.

Graduate Certificates:

  • Auburn University offers master’s students graduate certificates in Management Innovation, Supply Chain Operations, and Supply Chain Planning. These certificates expand knowledge of supply chain tactics, operational planning, and best practices for distribution and fulfillment networks.

University of Alabama in Huntsville

Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management Program:

Graduate Certificate in Logistics Management:

  • The Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management is designed to provide professional development for pursuing individuals in logistics and supply chain management. The certificate program consists of 15 semester hours and is intended for individuals in a field other than supply chain management. The program offers courses in quantitative methods, operations management, and logistics management.
    Graduate Certificate, Supply Chain Management – University of Alabama in Huntsville

BSBA in Management – Concentration Supply Chain Management:

  • This course is catered to students interested in management with a concentration in supply chain and logistics. The program offers operations analysis, contract management, and management accounting courses. This concentration will include the ability to compete in today’s business environment.
    University of Alabama in Huntsville | Management

Athens State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management:

  • This program includes basic strategies and techniques for collaborating with supply chain partners for optimization. This program applies skills for creating cost-effective services, orchestrating inventory, and moving products to customers. Businesses today are increasing global innovation; this program allows learners to experience the industry in a classroom setting.
    Logistics and Supply Chain Management | Athens State University (

Alabama A&M University

Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management:

  • The degree teaches students to create efficient and effective techniques in various logistics and supply chain management functions. Courses build a solid foundation for management, marketing, logistics, and supply chain management, providing students with an understanding of how supply chain management processes generate value for organizations, customers, and end-users.
    Operations Department of Management, Marketing & Logistics | Alabama A&M University (

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Bachelor’s degree in management w/ Operations Management concentration:

Spring Hill College

MBA w/ Supply Chain Management concentration:

  • Spring Hill College has developed a unique four-year program for students seeking a career in the logistics and supply chain area. The supply chain management concentration helps students who want flexibility in obtaining an MBA in only four years achieve that goal. The knowledge gained from the curriculum will prepare students for careers as logistics analysts, transportation managers, and much more.

Division of Business w/ Supply Chain Management concentration:

  • The concentration in Supply Chain Management equips students with the management skills needed to manage the flow of goods and services within the industries. In addition to core business classes, students complete supply chain management, purchasing, transportation, global logistics, warehousing, and distribution courses.
  • BBA Supply Chain Management/MBA | Spring Hill College (

University of South Alabama

Bachelor in Supply Chain & Logistics Management:

  • The Supply Chain & Logistics Management program is designed to help students gain a skillset for supply chain fields. The major is consistent with the current USA Strategic Plan for program development, industry partnerships, and research. The program highlights management activities such as sourcing, conversion into finished goods, and related logistics.
    Supply Chain and Logistics | University of South Alabama (

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